poc: Python OCE Composer

poc is a tool in the vein of OpenSCAD for creating 3D models in a high level language with a minimum of boilerplate. It's now live at github, though I don't know how actively I'll deveop or maintain it yet.

Here you can see that the input format is fairly terse, and it has some abilities OpenSCAD doesn't, like selectively filleting certain edges:

with Difference():
    Box((-50,-50,-50), (50,50,50))
    Cylinder((-100,0,0), (100,0,0), 25)
    Cylinder((0,-100,0), (0,100,0), 25)
    Cylinder((0,0,-100), (0,0,100), 25)
Fillet(12, [e for e in Edges() if e.boundingBox().min.z > 0])

Entry first conceived on 6 August 2017, 2:26 UTC, last modified on 6 July 2019, 21:49 UTC